"Corona Virus Is One Of The Signs Of Endtime" - Bishop Oyedepo

The man of God who backed up his point with scriptural references from Matthew 24: 7/8; Joel 2:1-3/11; Malachi 4:2 and Malachi 3:10/18; 4:1-3, noted that “everyone in the army of the Lord will manifest greatness in the thick darkness.”

This adds to the list of conspiracy theories that have been released by several pastors since the pandemic started. He further added that those growing while others burn are “in the covenant of financial fortunes” as captured in Mal 3:10, because “being in the covenant places a seed of exemption from the woes of the world on your life.”
According to him, the covenant that can set anyone apart and protect from the worldly woes is “the covenant of giving and receiving”. His words “Just like when you stop breathing you start dying, when you stop giving, you start going down. Not just in finance, but in every area of your life. It is not something you do once and for all; it is a once and again covenant.”

The man of God also shared key details to world financial fortunes, in a Sunday message tagged “Gateways to Financial Fortunes (4)” he said been spiritually minded as prosperity cannot outgrow spirituality, and to engage tirelessly in covenant practice by making giving a lifestyle.
Others are walking in financial integrity, which he said is needed in the world now more than ever. He said where being a Christian used to mean integrity, today, people steal in the church.

The bishop also added that commitment to being a blessing to the helpless and humanity, as the covenant is not banking, barter or a bureau de change operation. He then ended his teaching by emphasizing on the need to remain committed to learning and seeking for more knowledge.

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