CAN Calls On The Presidency For Not Putting More Effort To Stop The Killings Of Christians In Southern Kaduna

Christian Association of Nigeria, (CAN) has called out President Buhari for not doing enough to reduce the killing of Christians In Southern Kaduna.
The Religious body released a statement through the association president, Rev. Samson Ayokunle who said the southern Kaduna killings of Christians in Southern Kaduna shows Nigeria at war with internal enemies of the state.

Ayokunle said, “There is no doubt that the victims of these incessant assaults are indigenes of Kaduna State who are mostly Christians. Why is it the predominantly Christian Southern Kaduna all the time? Don’t we have Northern Kaduna?
“While the senseless murder is not desirable in any part of the state or Nigeria, the continuous assault of the Southern Kaduna people has become highly suspicious and alarming. Only a fool or somebody who is a party to this evil would not know that there is something fishing.
The leadership of CAN expressed shock when the presidency described the current bloodshed in Southern Kaduna as politically motivated coupled with banditry deployed along ethnic and religious 

“Where is the statistical evidence for that? Who are politicians sponsoring this inhuman and callous act? Why have the Federal authorities failed to apprehend or name them? Do they have the right to be doing this scot-free if it is true?”
While expressing the association’s disappointment at the way the presidency has been handling the matter, he said: “Should the gunmen and terrorists be more powerful than a legitimate government? Why couldn’t the Kaduna State Government with Federal authorities go into the bush where these herdsmen are and apprehend them? Why couldn’t they mop up the ammunition with which they are doing havoc?
“We have discovered that whenever security personnel get deployed to a place, the herdsmen go to other villages to attack and kill people in their sleep or when they are about to sleep or when they are waking up. Should the criminals be more professional in tactics than the government trained security personnel?

“It is regrettable that despite assurances from Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai to bring perpetrators of the Southern Kaduna crimes to justice, the state and security agencies involved in the maintenance of law and order are yet to fulfil their pledge.
If our leaders are not able to nip evil in the board, then, why are they there? Should they be there for jamboree? Why do we call them ‘His Excellency’ when they cannot guarantee our security?”
Ayokunle warned that Nigerians should not be allowed to resort to self-help. However, he stressed that if the situation is not addressed, self-help might be the alternative.
“As umbrella body for Christians in Nigeria, we share in the pains of victims of terror. Particularly, those terrorized in Southern Kaduna and other communities There is the urgent need by government and the security forces to walk their talk.
“They should combat the raging insecurity squarely across Kaduna state and other parts of the country. The government should not think that we are not appreciative of their efforts. However, we say without mincing words that your present best is unacceptable.
“It is not the best Nigerians expect. How can we see and read about mass burials and be happy when we are not fighting a civil war? We deserve peace in Nigeria,” he concluded

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