Nigerian artiste and self-claim Nudist, Caroline Sam made the decision to become born again

Nigerian artiste and self-claim Nudist, Caroline Sam, popularly known as Maheeda has said that she has made the decision to become born again and vows never to backslide as in previous times.

The famed nudist who came into limelight for her display of nudity on the internet took to her social media account to share her decision that she has decided to serve God. Maheeda shared several testimonies on her Instagram handle, one of which is that God delivered her from the hands of evil men who use souls of young women for wealth. She added that she was delivered simply because she was born again and had the mark of the blood of Jesus.

Maheeda started off in the entertainment industry with the Christ identity. As a matter of fact, when her first nudes began to circulate the internet, many tagged her as “gospel artiste.” She further went on to release her Gospel track titled “Concrete Love”, which she noted was inspired by the love of God towards her.

She also warned Nigerians about a vision she saw. Maheedah who claimed to possess the gift of prophecy said she saw a vision that a popular Nigerian celebrity lost her husband. However, she added that she’s not sure if death or a divorce is the cause of this loss. Maheeda then asked Nigerians to pray for the female celebrity.

“I saw a top female celebrity husband leave her , I don’t know if its death or divorce . You all know her, please pray for her and rebuke it.” She didn’t mention the name of this known celebrity.

Her new found faith has since led to mixed reactions from her followers with some openly encouraging and praising her for a a giant step in the right direction, while also urging her to cleanse her social media pages by taking down some of her old erotic post from her sinful past, others believe she’s just passing through a phase and would probably return to her past.

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