[Devotional] Consistency is The Pathway To Mastery And Abundance_ @James Olaitan

We have heard time and again the cliche "little drops of water make a mighty ocean'". That brings to mind the power and impact of the regularity of our little efforts towards some definite goals.

The Scriptures says in Job 8:7 "though your beginning be small, your later end shall greatly increase". In other words, there's no point being hasty about success and prosperity. Just ensure the consistency of your efforts, you will turn out an amazement to yourself.

Let's take for instance someone who desires financial increase, just maintain the culture of savings and investment no matter how small within the space of 3-5 years and avoid every form of borrowing and credit purchases at all costs, and you'll certainly realize what a realm of financial abundance you have been engraced to launch into. Also, for someone who desires the mastery of a set of skills, he or she only needs to maintain a regular training routine over a period of time in the process of which proficiency is bound to be attained no matter how gradual. Permit me to say that the point of mastery is the junction from which your star begins to rise.

That's the principle Joseph in the Bible applied that launched the nation of Egypt into becoming an economic world power of their time in an era of global economic bite. They saved 20 percent of their earnings for a pre-specified period of 7 years and consistently so, and as a result became transformed from a point of national economic averageness into a height of globally rated economic mastery (See Genesis 41:34-57).

Reality is, seldom would you find any hasty individual amount to anything reasonable and lasting. It takes patience to succeed and prosper lastingly. It's been said that Rome was not built in a day.

The positive side of gradual but steady growth and development is that whatever skills and results one generates in the process are enduring and continuously self-multiplying because of a solid foundation of a wealth of experience garnered over time.

To illustrate, it's likable to the agricultural scenario of Cocoa farming. See, when a farmer plants the seed, it remains in the ground and steadily cultivated by the farmer for five years. An untaught person might mock such a man, but he knows in the nick of time, he'll translate into an enviable life of enduring prosperity.

It's noteworthy to say that whatever you're not willing to patiently cultivate cannot lastingly elevate you. This principle is applicable to a wide spectrum of our lives and activities, you know, business, career, physical vitality, academics, church ministry, mental development, finances, spiritual growth etc to mention a few.

Little wonder the only wise God admonishes us not to despise the days of little beginning(Zech. 4:8). Because little beginnings carefully and steadily nurtured will always guarantee abundant future outcomes.

However, the disheartening impatience of a great chunk of the youths of this age has led them into doing unbecoming things that have positioned them for a life of perpetual regret and retrogression. And they are gnashing their teeth in their numbers because the principles of patience, perseverance, and consistency have been thrown into the trash can in their approach to life. They've come to hating even the undone life, successes and prosperity haste has procured for them.

Referenced Quote: If you jump up, you will come down. But if you grow up, you'll stay up"...Anonymous.

Hit Word: If you remain consistent on your track towards your pursuits, you will always rejoice at the end having the medals of success figuratively worn over your neck.

I pray for anyone reading this piece, you will not lose your future harvest season to a hasty and inconsistent approach to life in Jesus name. Therefore, welcome to your era of abundance! Abundance of wisdom and insight, abundance of money, abundance of physical health and vitality and abundance of life-lifting social connections in Jesus name. God bless you.

Remember Jesus loves you😘♥️
Be saved, stay saved and stay safe😷👏

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